Tom Barnwell was born 1987 in Leamington Spa. He grew up in Cubbington with a musical family. His father, a Music teacher, his mother the singer in a band. At the age of 13 Tom decided it was time for him to give music a go and decided to enter a singing competition at school. This opened a huge door for Tom making him realise that singing was something he wanted to pursue.
Tom started singing as often as he could in public, even singing on Karaoke to improve his confidence. By the time Tom was 15 he was involved with a local teen talent search called TeenIdol. Tom was invited to help arrange backing vocals and be part of the backing band supporting other young singers aspiring to start their musical journey.
Within a couple of years Tom was in the core production team assisting with choral group arrangements and training the new young singers that the scheme was introducing to music, eventually co-producing and directing shows.

It was during this time Tom started working as a bar man in a Nightclub in Coventry called Jumpin Jaks. Within months he had been noticed by the entertainments team in the venue and was very quickly transferred from bar to stage. Tom spent his nights at work DJ’ing and singing live both on the stage and on the bar (quite literally)! This was a very enjoyable job for Tom however he needed something more secure and with that he moved into a job with West Midlands Ambulance Service as a 999 Call Taker.
At first music had to take a back seat to his new career, but once settled he was able to get back out on the music scene. Tom has managed to gain promotion within the ambulance service whilst also finding the time to pursue his music aspirations. Although he loves his career with the ambulance service he would in the future love to be able to concentrate fully on his music career.

You may have recently seen Tom on The Voice UK on BBC1 where he wowed all four coaches in his blind audition by performing his rendition of Estelle and Kanye West’s American Boy. Tom moved through to battle rounds but unfortunately was knocked out by his battle opponent due to Tom being to ‘shy’, something that made a lot of friends and colleagues of Tom laugh knowing that this is far from the case.
Thankfully this hasn’t knocked Tom’s confidence and he is now more determined to take his music career forward. Tom said;
“Knowing I got from 47000 to the last 48 has made me realise music is something I can do.
I love being on stage and entertaining people, however, just believing in yourself is not always easy, especially after you’ve had a knock back, but I loved every minute of the show. I would like to thank everyone for their support and am intending on working hard now to get some new music out to my fans. Watch this space!!”

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